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Better discount cards for 25% Less in Most Cases


To users for the same donation makes cards Easier to Sell 


Better branding & messaging increases awareness of your 

group in your community & helps Improve Your Renewal Rate

​Fold Over Ultimate Discount Cards fold once to the size of a credit card and fit in your wallet like one. 3 panels of discounts provide more value than just the 1 or 2 panels you get with other fundraising discount cards. Your supporters get more discounts for the same price as other cards so sales are easier and profits are higher. The entire front panel is devoted to your photo quality logos, pictures, schedule and message without sacrificing discount space. If you've sold discount cards as a fundraiser in the past, nothing changes on your end. We just replace your last card with a better one for 25% less than what you paid last in most cases.  More discounts means easier sales, more value to the end user and more profit to you for the same amount of work as other discount card fundraisers... everyone wins. If you're considering a discount card fundraiser for the first time, congratulations... look no further.

Fold Over Ultimate Discount Cards

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