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4 printable panels Fold Once to Credit Card Size


Supporters get​ 3 panels of discounts Instead of Only 1 or 2


Entire front panel devoted to your logo, pictures & schedules

provides better Branding, Messaging & Community Awareness


​Fold Over Ultimate Discount Cards contain hundreds of dollars in year long, reusable discounts at businesses in your local area. Show your card and get your discount, keep your card and use it again the next day. No books to carry, coupons to clip, holes to punch or stickers to peel off. Discount Cards are sold as fundraisers for High School ASB, High School Activities, Football Boosters, Band Boosters, Athletic Boosters, Science Camp, Washington D.C. trips, Little Leagues, Soccer Leagues, Soccer Clubs, Schools, Clubs, Travel Teams, Youth Ministries, etc. We make all contacts with businesses, arrange all discounts and print cards with your local area's national chains and "Mom and Pops" alike, your suggestions included. Fold Over Ultimate Discount Cards fold once to the size of a credit card and have 4 printable panels instead of just the 1 or 2 you get with other discount card fundraisers. The additional 3rd panel of discounts increases value which makes the cards easier to sell for the same price as others. The entire 4th panel is devoted to your photo quality logos, pictures, schedules and message.​ Your fundraising supporters get more value for the same donation, your sales are easier and you make more money for the same work as other discount card fundraisers... everyone wins.​

Fold Over Ultimate Discount Cards

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